A little help from a friend

We’ve met during out marter studies in Artificial Inteligency, back in Brazil. Something like 14 years ago. I went to Paris for my PhD. She went to Liverpool We both ended up marrying Dutch guys and now live very close. Today, Nivinha changed her day off to come help me with my production. I hope I can put them in a Chrismas market, next month. We worked hard for about 4 hours. Here is the result!

Treasure lists @Etsy

One of the nice interactive thing in at the Etsy site is to hunt nice items and gather them in a treasure list. You can find the most gorgeous products. And it is very rewarding to have you onw production selected by someone else. It is a bit of an Ego-issue, I know 🙂 But when you are starting in this huge sea of handmade webshops, it is almost a wonder to be noticed.

From now on, I will also publish my teasure lists here. This way you can also learn what I like. These are the first ones. Click on each preview to open the full list.

treasure list - stampling

going Dutch

leaves are falling

let it snow

Seen at another blog

I’ve just started at Twitter the “other day” and already have 10 people 21 people following me. It is true I have used the media to post questions and interact with a few people I know offline.

Besides, and more importantly, I’ve added my Twitter account to my Etsy page (http://euquefiz.etsy.com). People who visit my webshop at Esty has the option to follow me at Twitter (@euquefiz_etsy) and like my page at Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/euquefiz).

This combination of social medias is a big enhancement: now everything is together.

Within Twitter, I was found buy @maryxmas1. She has a webpage and was very kind to present my Xmas collection online. The website is in Portuguese, but you will get the picture 🙂


I thought I’ve posted this earlier, but it was only saved as draft…

And the winner is…

We’ve finally arrived at the 100 fans milestone at facebook. Thank you all for the help linking to Eu que fiz!

The rules were a bit complicated: it was not only a question of being a fan, but also publish a link to the page at your facebook wall. The ones that did that also “liked” a specific post. Next time I will try to keep it simple.

Excluding my mom, my husband and myself, there were 14 participants. And the winner is Mércia Leitão. She was directly contacted via facebook’s private message and chose a little pig. This is already on the way to Brasil!

X-mas decoration

It took me a while, but I have finished the X-mas decoration. I’ve started with an Angel I’ve made a couple of years ago to my best friend. Unfortunatelly, it was too complicated to make the body in 3D, with the nice cotton print. Well, I could make it, but it took me just too long: it would become to expensive to sell.

I’ve finally decided to make it “flat”, als every other felt toy. I’ve also revamped my Reindeer: this time with a red nose, just like the legendary Rudolf. With a little help from friends and facebook fans, I’ve created a Santa Claus and a Snowman.

With the dark autumn evenings, I had to wait until the next weekend to be able to make pictures with some natural light (BIG tip from Etsy). Now they are available at Etsy and also at some Dutch marktplaces (http://euquefiz.marktplaza.nl and the !Kerst page of http://www.handmadeshop.nl).

Let’s see if I have more luck during the busy Xmas season. Up till now, besides the very fruitful Open Etsy event, I’ve only sold to friends and friends of friends…