(Almost) Lost in translation

At the end October there will be a Etsy event during the big Dutch Design Week, in Eindhoven: Hello Etsy. Although the event is about “Small Business in a Big World”, the last weeks they are actually putting a bigger emphasis in local shopping. From now on we should fill in two versions of each product: one in English, one in the local language (in my case, Dutch).

They did offer a small monetary incentive, but it is still a lot of work for every one. And they ask us to finish the translations before 27th October, when DDW begins. I am also taking the opportunity to reorganise some descriptions and rewrite some titles. And, why not, adding some new items.

Though I’ve lived in the Netherlands for the last 9 years, Dutch is not my second, but my forth language ­čÖé I am translating quite litterally from English. If you find any errors or have any tips, please mail me!