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My name is Ana Paula Waaijenberg. I am half Brazilian, half Portuguese and married with a Dutch guy. Some crafts, I’ve learned since young from mom and grandmas. Some new crafts, I’ve just found online. This is my hobby, and I make all my creative work with pleasure.

I’ve been crafting for friends and family all my life. Now I am proud to bring it to the world. I see, I learn and I create.”Eu que fiz” means “I’ve made it” in Portuguese and it is one of my husband’s favorite sentences in Portuguese.

at workI have a page at www.facebook.com/euquefiz where I talk about my latest creations and post links to other free and interesting online tutorials. From now on, I am updating this page with the content of this blog.

You can follow the same posts at Twitter @euquefiz_etsy

Any orders or questions, you can always contact me per e-mail.

at work

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