Baptism guardian angels

A friend, organizing the baptism of her daughter, asked me to make my Praying angels as big as possible, to be used on the decoration. I’ve resized all the pattern pieces and came up with a 60% bigger angel.

Last week she sent me some pictures of the decorated table. Everything looks so nice, but aren’t my handmade angels just gorgeous?

[print_gllr id=379]

It is good to mention that all 6 angels have her daughter’s name manually embroidered on their back. Want to see and order some angels? Check these links:

De Zelfgemaakte Markt, May 25th

I haven’t been blogging much. Or should I say, not at all. I do prefere to post on Facebook (and share it on Twitter). It gives me the feeling someone out there is listening. The number of fans and followers is growing slowly but steadly.

Anyway, tomorrow is another BIG day: we were selected again to be part of “De Zelfgemaakte Markt“, in Utrecht. This is a handcraft-only market where people with small production (like me) get a place to sell their gorgeous stuff. It will take place again at Mariaplaats, nearby the Central Station, from 11am to 5pm.

Hopefully it will not rain (much) and people will show up. Fingers crossed!

Market vendor apron Products ready for the market
Market vendor apron Products ready for the market

Treasured @Etsy

They try to help finding your product in a ocean with millions of webshops. But Etsy’s treasure lists are quite restrict. I’ve tried to search for a list with a given theme, but wasn’t quite impressed.

Because everything is measured, you can see how many people visited the list and how many people opened a product page from a treasure list. There is also the possibility like it or to add a comment. The comments gave the impression people like your list: but now Etsy shows which comments come from a featured seller, it is obvious it is more self promotion than reaching out…

The latest “trend” in Etsy is, after adding products to a list, to actually send messages to all shops involved. This can collect up to 16 views and give again the sellers the opportunity to leave a thank you message.

I still get thrilled when someone selects my pretty things. But I only notice other treasures when one of my Etsy contact’s posts or likes one.

Anyway, Xmas is coming and my Xmas set is added to treasure lists 🙂

(Almost) Lost in translation

At the end October there will be a Etsy event during the big Dutch Design Week, in Eindhoven: Hello Etsy. Although the event is about “Small Business in a Big World”, the last weeks they are actually putting a bigger emphasis in local shopping. From now on we should fill in two versions of each product: one in English, one in the local language (in my case, Dutch).

They did offer a small monetary incentive, but it is still a lot of work for every one. And they ask us to finish the translations before 27th October, when DDW begins. I am also taking the opportunity to reorganise some descriptions and rewrite some titles. And, why not, adding some new items.

Though I’ve lived in the Netherlands for the last 9 years, Dutch is not my second, but my forth language 🙂 I am translating quite litterally from English. If you find any errors or have any tips, please mail me!