(re)posting: Etsy Open

From September 7th until october 1st (2011), Etsy gathered almost 30 artists at a “real” shop in Leiden (NL). Everyday at least two of us was working there. It was a chance to meet the makers.

I brought the following items:

  • 8 owls
  • 6 bats
  • 2 mobiles with owls
  • 3 farms (cow, pig, sheep)
  • 6 pincushions

At the end, I sold quite well: 3 owls, all bats and 3 pincushions. The cheaper items sold better (as expected). Now some money to invest in X-mas ideas.

07/Sep/2011 – Etsy open

07/Sep/2011 – Farm


I was posting my products on my personal blog (http://nosnaholanda.blogger.com). But that website is in Portuguese. To warm up this new blog, I will repost it again here.

07/Aug/2011 – Selling bats

06/Aug/2011 – Selling owls