Treasured @Etsy

They try to help finding your product in a ocean with millions of webshops. But Etsy’s treasure lists are quite restrict. I’ve tried to search for a list with a given theme, but wasn’t quite impressed.

Because everything is measured, you can see how many people visited the list and how many people opened a product page from a treasure list. There is also the possibility like it or to add a comment. The comments gave the impression people like your list: but now Etsy shows which comments come from a featured seller, it is obvious it is more self promotion than reaching out…

The latest “trend” in Etsy is, after adding products to a list, to actually send messages to all shops involved. This can collect up to 16 views and give again the sellers the opportunity to leave a thank you message.

I still get thrilled when someone selects my pretty things. But I only notice other treasures when one of my Etsy contact’s posts or likes one.

Anyway, Xmas is coming and my Xmas set is added to treasure lists ­čÖé

Treasure lists @Etsy

One of the nice interactive thing in at the Etsy site is to hunt nice items and gather them in a treasure list. You can find the most gorgeous products. And it is very rewarding to have you onw production selected by someone else. It is a bit of an Ego-issue, I know ­čÖé But when you are starting in this huge sea of handmade webshops, it is almost a wonder to be noticed.

From now on, I will also publish my teasure lists here. This way you can also learn what I like. These are the first ones. Click on each preview to open the full list.

treasure list - stampling

going Dutch

leaves are falling

let it snow